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Nandini Exim Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in October 2009, with an objective to undertake business in the field of real estate and import export domain. It is doing very well in its relative domain. Customers’ satisfaction is our priority. While performing our duty with utmost care, we have noticed that everyone is very much concern about the security, whether it is related to their business or personal affairs. Keeping the same concern in mind Nandini Exim is diversifying into the field of security and is has launched hi-tech security products based on Global Positioning System (GPS) and General Packet Radio Service (GPRS).

In today’s circumstances, vehicles are playing a vital role in business expansion. Therefore, it is very necessary to keep track of the vehicles, and with the increase in the business and number of vehicles, it is becoming very complex to manage the fleet. Nandini Exim has launched a hi-tech GPS locator named PoleStar, which will help you to manage your fleet from a single desk. Apart from the management and increase productivity, this device also helps you to secure your vehicles, assets and man power.

Technology is propelling our growth. Our Research and Development team is focusing on technologies that improve our chances of finding and developing advance tracking device. We also are investing in the development of emerging new technologies. Nandini Exim offers innovative and affordable technologies for the tracking, monitoring and security of remote assets from any point on the earth's surface.

By launching the latest tracking technology Nandini Exim just want to safe guard your dream vehicle, facilitate you a mechanism of proper management and increase your productivity by just optimising the allocation of the resources. GPS based Locator is the first step in this context, soon we are coming up with other hi-tech and sophisticated security system which will help you to protect your valuable assets.

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