Theft Protection

In case your Vehicle gets stolen

In case your Vehicle goes missing, you should immediately contact the police as well as our Customer care representatives. We will help you to locate the accurate location of your vehicle in case you are not equipped with internet. Alternatively, you can also track the Live location of your vehicle and stop it by just an sms wherever it is. The stoppage command could also be triggered by our team if an unauthorised movement of your vehicle is detected.

Finding your vehicle

PolestarVTS works even in areas with low network coverage and generate location signals with high precision. The device has inbuilt memory that stores GPS data even in No network zones and record all activities of a vehicle. The device has its own battery backup and can continue to transmit signals even if the Vehicle is at hault for long. The police will use the signals to accurately locate your vehicle and ensure a speedy recovery of it.

Pan India coverage

The first thing many thieves do is try to smuggle your vehicle outside the state borders as soon as possible. PolestarVTS operates across Pan India and gives you the accurate location of your vehicle in a matter of minutes.

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