Vehicle Tracking Systems

PolestarVTS lets you track your Vehicle 24x7. It can be easily installed in any car, truck, bus or heavy vehicle. The device stays hidden and is powered by the vehicle's battery. It uses a powerful ATMEL ANTARIS GPS processor to correctly and accurately locate your vehicle even in weak signal zones. It has inbuilt memory to store GPS data even in no network zones. It powerfully combines GPS, GSM and GPRS technologies to help you exactly locate your car.

It transfers all important information to the fleet management center. It lets you know a lot of queries like:

  • Where did your vehicle go last Sunday?
  • What was it's maximum speed?
  • What was the total distance travelled?
  • What route did the vehicle follow?
  • Did your driver kep the AC on even when the car was parked?, and much more...!

It gives you detailed reports of upto 30 days. Some of the reports include AC report, Total distance travelled report, Stoppage report, Overspeed report, Refreshment breaks and other stoppages by drivers can be traced as they occur. Apart from this you can Stop the Vehicle just by an sms or email command if it gets stolen. So, add PolestarVTS to your vehicle/fleet to enjoy uncompromising security & service.

Replay the route where your car travelled, get reports on every move, stoppage, etc. and mark areas to get Geofence alerts when the vehicle enters or leaves the area. Get complete control over your vehicle's activities and get peace of mind.

Car Tracker & GPS:

What is a GPS Tracking system?

A GPS Tracking system or device uses Global Positioning System to define the exact location of any vehicle, person or any other other asset to which it is attached. It records and stores the GPS position of the asset at regular pauses. The recorded data is stored within the tracking device, or it could transfer the data to a Server connected to the Internet that has GPRS or SMS based GSM cellular connectivity. Combination of GPS, GSM and GPRS allows the Vehicle's location & movement to be displayed on a map LIVE or watching it later as History. This can be achieved using a GPS tracking software.

What is Automatic Vehicle Location?

AVL is a system where in one can locate their vehicle immediately through internet. It helps you remotely protect your priced asset as well and monitor it.

Why should Vehicle Tracking System be used?

VTS or AVL is a fast growing technology all over the world . It is rapidly progressing as it makes our professional and personal lives a lot easier. Apart from personal use there is a vast opportunity of this system in other fields too. It enables one to track their vehicle's position instantly. The use of GPS makes this a lot more effective as there are atleast 3 satellites hovering above any location on the globe at a particular time. It lets a person or a company to keep an eye over their vehicle which also helps prevent robbery and increase security like never before.

What does Vehicle tracking help in?

In this fast paced world anything can take place on road. An accident, theft or any other unwanted incident. So it becomes extremely important to keep tracking your highly priced vehicle. It will not just save the vehicle but also the valuable goods that is being carried in it. By installing it, one can never be cheated by the driver and in turn help save a lot of money. It helps parents to learn if their child is overspeeding the new car or bike that they bought for them. It keeps us 100% relieved and have better control over priced assets.

VTS and Car thefts

Apart from tracking VTS helps prevention of Car thefts. It wll help one not only trace his/her car but also stop it in case it's stolen. The accurate data will help a person to inform the cops on time and get back the possesion of their vehicle. As India is a fast growing economy, Many people are now able to afford cars. This has given birth to smart thieves and theft crimes are rising every year. The percentage of stolen cars recovery is just about 20%. It makes VTS system the best device one can have to protect their costly vehicles and be tension free.

Benefits of using Vehicle Tracking System

  • Empower customers with real-time information on their vehicles.
  • Stop over-speeding by vehicle drivers.
  • Reduce unauthorized stops along a pre-determined route.
  • Reduce detours from pre-determined route.
  • Reduce communication cost trying to learn vehicle location and status.
  • Reduce operational and maintenance costs.
  • Increase in safety and security of vehicle, staff and driver.
  • Useful in emergency situations.
  • Any criminal activity immediately identified.
  • Reports to help increase efficiency of the vehicle fleet.
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